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Brora: A Legend Restored


A legend soon to return unveils a collection of three historic single malt scotch whiskies

From mid May upon the completion of the restoration of the Brora Distillery, the Brora Triptych, a truly special, once in a generation triple bottling release of 3 era-defining whiskies will be available, in celebration of its return. Experience the celebration of restoration and an ode to the rare characteristics that define Brora Whisky in 3 single vintages; 1982, 1977 and 1972. Each release of the original stocks of Brora Diminishes the precious whisky that remains in casks. A release of this kind will not be possible for another half century. 

Three vintages that define a legend

Diageo Rare Exceptional
Brora 1982

Warm chestnut in colour, the delicate aroma blends wood spice with hints of peach tart satin. The taste takes off amidst a powerful rich maltiness, notes of serrano ham, menthol and tobacco adding an intense complexity. These flavours give way to pervasive Sichuan chili pepper, before a wisp of dry coal smoke lingers long after the finish. 

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Diageo Rare Exceptional
Brora 1977

Intensely deep and golden, this expression is elegant on the nose with creamy vanilla invigorated by freshly cut green apples and hits of beeswax. A sweetness washes over the palate, before a wave of wood spice and ginger cake unfolds. Finally, a long, sweet finish of peat-fired smokiness blooms in intensity. 

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Diageo Rare Exceptional
Brora 1972

Glowing yellow gold in hue, sherberty lemon peel, and a touch of fresh green grass dance on the nose. Intoxicating wood spice is gently revealed on the palate, whilst a mouth coating waxiness is punctuated by hints of citronella. Its graceful sweetness continues into the finish, with just a hint of lingering gunpowder smokiness.

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Founded by the Marquis of Stafford in 1819 but closed in 1983, Brora grew to become a cult legend celebrated by collectors and connoisseurs. On 19th May 2021, 38 years after Brora closed its gates, the 202 year old distillery was awakened.


Nestled on the remote North-East coast of Sutherland, Brora’s warehouses matured whisky of legendary quality and character. Brora’s celebrated and select releases are as elusive as the Scottish Wildcat, the emblem of the distillery’s founder.


A meticulous brick-by-brick restoration of an historic Victorian distillery to recreate the spirit for which Brora is famous. Every effort has been taken to replicate, as closely as possible, the conditions, equipment and processes from Brora in 1983 in order to recreate the spirit for which the distillery is famous.




Son of the last exciseman at Brora, Stewart continues a family tradition. Growing up in the village he often wondered if Brora would ever be brought back to life. 38 years after its closure, Stewart was present as the very first cask was filled at the restored distillery, ensuring the quality of the spirit produced pays tribute to those that came before.



With a PhD in Brewing and Distilling, Craig continues to deepen his expertise and understanding of flavour through his work with Brora. Selecting from the fleeting final casks from the distillery’s historic stock, Craig is the curator of the Brora Triptych and holds an almost forensic understanding of the spirit resting in Brora’s warehouses.



The distillery was founded, as Clynelish Distillery, by the Marquis of Stafford in 1819.


In 1887, Alfred Barnard wrote the demand from private customers was “so great that the firm have for some years been obliged to refuse trade orders”.

At a time when the vast majority of whisky was going straight into blends, Clynelish was being sold as a single malt and to private customers

1896 / 1897

The distillery’s capacity was substantially increased in 1896/97 by Ainslie & Co.

1967 / 1968

To cope with demand, a new distillery was built next to Clynelish in 1967. They were known as Clynelish A and B, until the original was renamed Brora Distillery in 1968.


Brora produced a heavily-peated Islay-style whisky from 1968 up until 1981 when its peating levels were brought into line with other mainland malts.


Brora Distillery closed in 1983 and since then the whisky it produced has become one of the most highly prized and sought-after liquids in Scotch whisky.


In 2017, the decision was taken to re-awaken Brora Distillery in answer to existing enthusiasts’ prayers and so new generations can enjoy its exceptional single malt.

2017 - 2021

2017 - 2021: In order to restore the original masterpiece, work began to replicate, as closely as possible, the conditions, equipment and processes used at the distillery in 1983.


19th May 2021: the Brora Triptych is revealed on the day the distillery returned.


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