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Talisker 25 Set
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Talisker 25 Set

Vol 2x70cl ABV 45.8-52%
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Take an exclusive virtual tour through Talisker distillery with Ewan Gunn, Diageo global malts ambassador. The tour will be accompanied with a guided tasting of the Talisker 25 and Pittyvaich 28. The session will be capped at 25 participants, with priority given to those who purchase the bundle.

Tasting session date: 19th June 8pm SGT

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[Father's Day Exclusive] A limited time offer for a set of Talisker 25 and a special release 28 year old from a rare closed distillery, Pittyvaich. For whisky loving Dads, this is a special experience to be invited to an online guided tasting session of these whiskies with our Global Malts Ambassador Ewan Gunn on 19th June, Saturday 8pm SGT. The experience will include a virtual tour of the beautiful Talisker Distillery on the rugged and desolate Isle of Skye.

Note: Orders have to be made by 14th June 2pm for delivery by 18th June.

Talisker 25Distinguished by the bottling year on the label and the unique batch number, this is an annual release that subtly changes per bottling, with the unique and powerful liquid ever-changing in the oak casks. The bottling year and unique batch numbers lend themselves nicely to collecting

Pittyvaich 28Complex and compelling; light and straightforward, yet also full-flavoured and forceful.

Tasting Notes

Talisker 25

Talisker’s signature warm and peppery smoke with a hint of sea salt and brine shines through in perfect balance with the elegant oak and dark fruity notes imparted by the quarter of a century ageing in American and European oak casks. This 25-year-old expression is sweet to start then develops to dry, toasty notes with white pepper and chilli.